How to make your own Dada Collage

Step 1

Find images that you are happy to cut out. Magazines, catalogues, newspapers, birthday cards, books, anything with images you find interesting.

Step 2

Using scissors or a knife, cut out the images that you want to use. Children or people not responsible enough to cut safely should have a parent, or responsible person e.g. Tom Hanks, Judy Dench or the dog from Lassie to supervise them. Cut up a collection of images that you think would go well together, or alternatively should never ever be placed in the same image together.

Step 3

Get a piece of paper or card for the base. This is where you will stick the images. Play with the layout of images that you have cut up. Anything goes, think of absurd juxtapositions. A woman with an octopus for a hat, a man with an amoeba for a beard, a shark with a monocle reading the daily gazette. Non-aquatic collages are also very effective.

Step 4

When you are happy with the layout, stick the images down with your favourite sticky substance. We find glue to be highly effective.

Step 5

Show off your collage to friends, colleagues and enemies. Before you stick it to your fridge (this time not with glue), send it to us so that we can display it in our gallery.

Additional Note:

We have noticed that computers are all the rage these days. With Photoshop it is possible to create collages using digital images. Experiment with cutting up images you find online and mash them together in digital form as well. It is exactly the same process.