How to make your own Dada Mask

Step 1

Collect together materials for your mask. Cardboard makes a good base but feel free to think outside the box. Anything goes in Dada!

Step 2

We don’t want to restrict creativity, but eye holes are great for seeing out of. Consider where your eye holes need to be and cut them out. This gives you an idea of how the mask will sit on your face.

Step 3

If your mask is going to be worn using string, cut holes at the sides in line with the eye holes. Thread string through the hole and tie a knot then sticky tape it down. Make sure to try the mask on so the string is the right size for your lovely head! Cereal boxes are great ways of making full head covering masks. Save the string and use it for fabulous eyelashes maybe?

Step 4

Decorate the mask in any way that you see fit. You can glue bits on, cut bits off, colour with paints, pencils, crayons. It can mimic a face, an animal, the map of china. Think of what you most want the bit of you above your neck to be and make it.

Step 5

Wear the mask. Embrace your new identity. Dance! Sing! Skip! Do paperwork! Befriend a signpost! No-one will know it’s you.

Step 6

Send us an image or video of you in the mask to include in our gallery.